Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On Love. The Unconditional Type.

My mom and sister arrive from New York tonight!  I wonder if my Mom knows what she’s getting into.


It has been really, really, really hot here.  Really hot. 

I’m going to cook flat-iron steaks with a balsamic vinegar reduction sauce tonight.  I really like saying “reduction sauce” because it sounds fancy, but it really just involves leaving something liquid on the stove for a long time until about half of it evaporates.

When you do that accidentally it’s called “getting distracted.”  BUT, call it a reduction sauce and suddenly it sounds fancy.

My mom and sis will head on down to Charlotte on Wednesday, where they have wedding dress shopping plans all day.  I’ll join them Thursday, to hopefully help narrow down some finalists. 

Friday, my mom will return to me where I shall put her to work helping me get ready for our garage sale on Saturday.  Like I said, I wonder if my Mom knows what' she’s herself into.

I think some gene gets activated when you have kids that makes you suddenly and selflessly okay with doing what would otherwise be intolerable activities, all because your sweet precious babies asked.  I mean, I adore the Budster but he’s never asked me to help him move, organize a kitchen, iron a shirt, pick him up  from softball practice, quiz him for a spelling test, or make a grilled cheese sandwich.  Now that would test my love.

Then again, I’ve never asked my Mom to take my crate out back and hose poo out of it every day for an entire year.  So, yea.  Gene activated.


Totally innocent.  No idea what this “crate business” you have mentioned?


Kathryn said...

Wait, 107? Seriously? Is it humid? I would die. Or never, ever go outside.

Mike & I always laugh at the people who have dogs in the city & follow them around, picking up their poo in little plastic baggies. It seems like nature has pulled a little switcheroo there, right? But oh, what we'll do for love.

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Ohhhh, Buddy. What have they done to your fur? No matter, I know, it's hot there. And you're adorable anyway!!

Meg said...

Yes, humidity like you would not BELIEVE! Oh my gracious, it's suffocating sometimes. But the 107 was sort of a fluke, my car was sitting in the sun. To be honest, it was only 101 for real.