Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Confession, yall. I almost skipped this tonight. I'm feeling really blah for no good reason, and was really much more inclined to make a list of all the things that are bugging me. Which is, of course, precisely the reason I need to make this list instead. Here we go. Dig deep.

Happy Things, Today:
- snuggly noodle dog curled up into a little ball on his bed, dreaming of pup-peronis no doubt
- a weekend trip home to see my wonderful in-laws, including mom&dad, sis and nanta&pa
- Matt having an entire FOUR days off. 96 hours with my hubs? Yesplease.
- weighing in the woman today who , after 28 weeks of nothing, finally lost 7 lbs. and she got below 200 for the first time in DECADES. yes, I cried. So did she. (can you believe she hadn't quit? Amazing. I love my job.)
- working from home tomorrow. make up optional.
- my camera
- My mom. Isn't it annoying when someone calls you when they're in the car and they just talk for like 20 minutes straight all about themselves? I do this to my mom all the time, and for some reason, she keeps answering the phone when I call. Bless you, Mom. And thank you for always magically knowing when "I just don't sound right."
- spinach salads with goat cheese and almonds
- Massage for the Cure. Mine is booked and I can't wait. All this running = return of the trigger points.
- WFU Football... chance to redeem themselves this weekend? Either way, there will be tailgating and that is good.
- naps
- wino list serve. daily emails from best friends? good.
- wikipedia
- Christmas shopping. I started today. And not for myself.
- this
- Alannah. Are you out there? I'm thinking of you today.
- walking barefoot across Poteat Field
- news that my grad school best bud is pregs with tweens!
- my sweet little cousin is just starting college and still, amazingly, thinks i'm smart enough to email for advice. I love her, and I'm so excited for her.
- that now that I'm done writing this, it's bed time. (In my wonderful bed that my husband made. Definitely list-worthy.)

Barefeet on Poteat.


Jen said...

We will also be tailgating in the RJR lot tomorrow, come find us!

jesskeim said...

barefoot at Wake and not at 2am en route home? My, how we've grown. Love your list.

alannahbean said...

Better late seeing this than never, thank you, Meggie!! Life has been crazy, and we're overdue. Sending golden vibes your way.