Friday, September 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday (and a little extra)

Last week I was really not feeling the thankful list, after having an out of the blue headache for 2 straight days and a mess of other trivial things that were all up under my skin. I felt immediately better after I did my list, and woke up on Friday feeling rejuvenated, peaceful and content again. And headache-free. In light of all that insta-happy, I've had kept on-going Thankful Thursday list all week. So bear with me, it's a bit long. Beats a long to do list, though.

- Our house. I love our every room in our sweet, sweet little house.
- My sister, who is visiting me Saturday.
- last minute wins on the football field by WFU
- Photography class. my head is spinning with new ideas after 2 hours of f-stop and shutter speeds. watch out, those on the other side of my lens.
- Brett Harris' music. Having it on in the background while I work is just insta-happy.
- My hubby, for all sorts of reasons, but what's standing out now is yesterday when he came home from work early on Wednesday and instead of going to bed, offered to walk Buds so I could go in to work earlier. However, letting himself get tasered at work? Kind of weird. I love him anyways.
- Cooking. I love creating food.
- A healthy family
- Steffie, who is always sending me emails about dogs and cats in GSO who need a home. She has the biggest heart in the world, and she sent me Buddy.
- Lots of happy coaching clients this week having big successes. Happy clients, Happy Megs.
- Fresh squeezed lemons into sparkly water
- Grace Little, entering the world this week. Congrats, TJ & Kelli.
- Picking out the teeniest little WFU dress for her. I don't know what it is about tiny clothes, but I think it makes the serotonin levels of every 20 something woman go bonkers... if the staff in my office are any indication.
- My Aunt Barbara. Her birthday is on Sunday and I love her dearly.
- Heather, and a surprise early morning coffee date, and lots of overly excited talk about public health and research, and emails that make us both giddyhappy.
- Al Fresco Au Natural Chicken Sausage. So delicious.
- Trigger Point Massage. Hurts so good.
- Really fast staff meetings
- Homemade salad dressing
- Fiction books before bed
- 9.4 miles, yes we did.
- Post run soak with this stuff
- A husband who is happy and purposeful in his career
- New season of Biggest Loser
- Libraries
- Coworker bringing me back chai from India. Amazing how delicious the real thing is.
- Catching up with a happy Sarah K. I'm happy you're happy, girl.
- Rain, rain, rain. And more rain.
- Good health insurance, and not having to use it very much.
- A wonderful doctor, and very boring appointments.
- Friendships that are so comfy, you just pick up the dish towel and start drying while the other one is washing
- Buddy's baby steps to less anxiety. Lying down in crate? A big step.
- Date night
- Mastering the pumpkin spice latte at home
- A peaceful mind and a happy heart

This one? Always makes the happy list. Good boy.

Yo Starbucks, Imma let u finish, but this chai...

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