Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Happy Things, Today:

- having Matt home for dinner all week
- the person who left their Sbux treat receipt on the couch I usually sit on... $2 drink for me!
- Buddy after a bath
- fried goat cheese salad
- chatting with my momma
- health insurance
- Kona coffee
- mid-day cat naps
- libraries
- my camera
- Buddy barking a little bit less
- plums
- faith
- Grandma S. I miss her.
- a happy marriage
- clean sheets
- Lauren, my coworker
- my parents health
- air conditioning
- wanting to hear a song and it just so happens to come on the radio
- winos
- health
- celebrating a 71 lb wt loss with someone today
- Dad's advice
- ballet flats still being in style
- having a great relationship with my in-laws
- a peaceful mind
- booking a trip to Utah next Feb
- no matter what kind of a week it is, Friday always shows up just in time

Party Dog.

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