Sunday, August 23, 2009

Better than Ever, Better than Ezra

A few weeks ago I saw that Better than Ezra had updated their tour dates on their facebook page and they were coming to Raleigh....and it was FREE. I've pretty much been doing a happy dance in anticipation for weeks and weeks for this show. The last time I saw them they opened for Hootie and the Blowfish (which was also amazing), and I just loved seeing them live. I've been dying for another chance to see them.

I talked my friend Heather into going, and gave her a list of songs to listen on Grooveshark to get her warmed up. I'm still forgiving her for incessantly pointing out that their Greatest Hits albums has two of the same songs on there twice, and really only features six individual songs. WHATEVS. (You can probably guess the two; they may be the only two BTE songs you know.)

I made a pit stop in Durham to pick up Heath and see her new gooooorgeous apartment. (Exposed brick. I'm envious) Heather indulged me with a trip to my favorite Durham eats, Cosmic Cantina, and after a delicious but nauseatingly large chicken burrito, we headed over to Raleigh. There we met up with JP and a bunch of Heath's friends who lived a few blocks from the square where BTE was playing.

It kept raining all night and I was growing more despondent by the second thinking I was a mere 2 blocks away from KG and the boys and wasn't going to see them. But finally around 10 the rain let up enough that we scampered over there and saw them. Sigh. I love them. They were so delightful. By the time we got there, they were playing a lot of their new album, Paper Empire. (Listen to "Turn Up the Bright Lights" if you want a starting point.) But I did get to hear some of my regular faves, including Extraordinary, Desperately Wanting, and a great cover of Laid.

Is there anything better than dancing in a muddy field to your favorite band LIVE with two of your best friends? Pretty sure that would be a resounding "no."

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Kevin Berardinelli said...

Sounds like a great time you all had in Durham! Can't beat BTE either!!!