Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Like a Lion

Today absolutely tested my work-life-sanity balance skills. I think they passed the test, although my deodorant may not have. Let me just say this: when someone invites you to come do a workshop in their office place, it'd be nice to know ahead of time that they'll be doing hot yoga in that room first. It's hard to come across as Calm, Cool, Composed Life Coach when sweat is rolling down your rib cage. Sweet. Oh, and the workshop participants? A little too mellow and blissed out. We're talking EMOTIONS people, thus I need REACTIONS. After I made about fifteen jokes about the moratorium like silence in the room, they started coming to life and it ended up being a fantastic workshop with lots of question asking and head nodding and note scribbling. Phew. Just the way I like - minus the excessive sweating. (Much like my outdoor August wedding, only less tulle worn today.)

Site of my emo eating workshop.
I love visiting this campus and they have the BEST employees!

Prior to my lunch and learn workshop, I started the day with 4 coaching sessions starting pre-dawn. As crazy as it sounds, I LOVE starting the work day at 6 am. It's when I'm at my most creative and feel so productive. I also find that the person on the receiving end of my coaching questions is a wee bit less guarded before their coffee has fully hit their bloodstream and they're cognizant of what subconscious mutterings they're sharing. And, I'll tell you, there is nothing better than saying goodbye to my 4th session and noticing the sun is just coming up, but half of my day is already done. Booyah.

It's still a little shocking to see that time of day on a regular basis.
And yes, that's a.m.

Post-workshop (and an extra swipe of Degree) I hopped in the car to head down to Charlotte to begin my adventure home, compliments of a lovely AirTran e-saver. I had scheduled what I thought was a quick phone session for my drive - a "graduate" who had emailed me the day prior to request just a quick pick-me-up to help her get back on track. The session turned out to be pretty intense, and I kept glancing over at TomTom worried I would short change her arriving at her own A-HA moment before I reached my exit. She had an epiphany literally as I pulled into my space in Long Term 1, and I had a homework assignment in place before the shuttle arrived. Phew - last thing I wanted to be doing was asking How's That Working For Ya questions while cruising around on the long term parking shuttle.

Flying through BWI. I scoffed out loud at this poster. Take that, Terps!
(We beat them the night before.)

The rest of my day was pretty uneventful, even for airport travel; but I remain amazed that I built all that into one day while somehow still keeping my wits about me and my pantyhose without a run. However, the more I look at my March calendar, the more it seems like most days are going to be like that. My schedule for the last year has been either Feast or Famine. One week I'm home by 3 watching Dr. Phil every day, the next week my Outlook calendar looks like a mosaic. I think I'm toeing the fine line between "just busy enough that I feel productive and energetic" and "so busy I'm losing my every lovin' mind." As long as I keep my toes on this side of the line, March - usually my least favorite month - should fly riiiiight on by me. And who knows, my horoscope for March (compliments of Yahoo's astrology experts) promises good things in spring. And Yahoo astrology is never wrong, clearly. So, March, bring on the good things. And maybe a nap or two, while you're at it?

I come home to these 2 little buggers - how happy is that?
(Although the weird blurred face on Dickens is extremely creepy.)

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