Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wish I Was Here

Wish I Was Here, originally uploaded by dancindeac.

Today I'm in Tampa for the Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism conference put on by the AHA. I'm excited. I even wore my red shoes. For those of you who know about the 1997 Valentine's Dance Fashion Fiasco, I assure you my current day red patent leather loafers are totally appropriate and cute. (Red shoes, apparently, look quite hookerish with 3" heels Who knew.) Anyways, I digress: conference.

I love research. I love learning. I was nearly breathless with excitement reading the program guide. However, as much as I anticipated hearing the latest on vitamin B supplementation and the DASH diet, we are in Tampa. i.e. There's a beach. I want to be there.

So, come lunchtime my coworker Monica and I mapquested directions to a cafe in Clearwater we'd been recommended. 14 miles? Totally doable for a 1.5 hour lunch.

45 minutes later as we sat in stop-n-go beach traffic with no hopes of finding parking we admitted our folly. Sadly enough, neither of us wanted to miss the presentation on findings about prevalence of vitamin D deficiency that was scheduled for right after lunch. With a wave to our beach front cafe, we turned the car around and headed away from the gorgeous beachside town (see happy feelings inducing photo) to our dark, a.c. blasting conference room.

Research presentation over beach? Nerd status prevails, per usual.

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