Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One of the {Many} Reasons I Love Social Media

It’s no secret I love social media – especially Twitter and Instagram.  There are many reasons, but it mostly comes down to the feeling of connectedness that these forums can create. 

Right before Valentine’s Day, Starbucks switched their regular cups to Valentine’s Day themed one.  I noticed one morning, all on the same morning, that six of my friends on Instagram had taken pictures of their cups.  Six!  As I scrolled through the pics that day, I couldn’t help giggling at the world that social media has created – that something as silly as a Starbucks cup can create a shared moment among people.  It’s just a small example, but it sort of encapsulated one of the many reasons I love social media.

IMG_4173IMG_4174.PNG (2)IMG_4175


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