Thursday, November 24, 2011








Going through residency together makes you feel like a family, so it was only fitting that we shared a Thanksgiving meal together as a family.  Anne and Locke hosted, and everyone who was in town due to husband work schedules came with their hands full of dishes and their bellies ready to be full.  One meal turned into card games turned into a second meal as the day stretched on.  At one point, I walked outside to check on Buddy and I just sat there for a minute while the sounds of my friends in the kitchen washed over me – baby giggles, friends chatting and laughing, plates clinking, dogs prancing around – and I couldn’t help but whisper a quick prayer of gratitude for the friendships we’ve been blessed with in residency. 

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k. said...

Yes. That's the very, very best feeling - being totally surrounded by so many people you love that you aren't blood related to. :)

PS, I don't own your grey + white striped shirt (cute!) & this worries me. I thought I had them all.