Sunday, October 23, 2011

Float like a Butterfly, Run like a Bee…

That’s how that saying goes, right?


So explain to me what all these bees are doing running then….


Today was the Boos & Brews Halloween 5k.  I’ve never run a race in costume before, but when my friend Teri tweeted me about it a few weeks ago I impulsively signed up. 

Then I immediately started worrying over what kind of costume I could wear, much less run in.  Inspiration struck when I was putting away laundry and noticed a bright yellow t-shirt next to my black running skirt.  A few pieces of black duct tape, some striped knee socks, wings and an antennae headband and I was good to go!  Bzz bzz!

I was excited to see so many other runners came out in costume – in fact, almost everyone running the race was dressed up!


Me, Anne and Teri in our cute costumes – Anne in 80s gear, me as a bumble bee and Teri as Tinkerbell.


I was most impressed when I saw this guy…. I couldn’t believe he was able to run in that!


I also couldn’t believe how fast Anne and I ended up running it – there was a huuuuuge hill in the middle of it, that I swear felt like it was never going to end.  We had to walk part of it, so I was delighted when we came in around the corner to the finish and had run it about 2 minutes faster than my “average” time – even with the walk!


We had a blast – I’ll definitely do it again next year.  I’ll have to start scheming what my costume will be – although apparently, having those wings on helped me fly through the race!   Thanks to my friend Stephanie, who is also our Dance Trance instructor and a sponsor of the race, for many of these photos.  She was also a great cheerleader – Anne and I heard her shouting for us as soon as the finish line was in sight! 


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