Saturday, October 8, 2011

Deacon Fans, Get On Your Feet

It’s been a very chilly week here in the Dash, so we lucked out that today ended up being another beautiful day for a football game.  The game was at noon, so we got out there early for a breakfast tailgate.

I’d been looking for a reason to make these pecan cinnamon rolls for quite some time, and a breakfast tailgate seemed like the perfect excuse.


So easy and soooo good.


We paired them off with some champagne mimosas.


And what a game it was!  I think every Deacon fan went into this game with low expectations since Florida State was ranked and we, well, definitely are not.

They played their little hearts out.


They kept a lead the entire time, but FSU was fighting for it…


We cheered our little hearts out – and even had our own little 4 seconds of fame when we flashed on to the brand new video screen!


And when you’re a Deacon fan, you know you can never really breathe a sigh of relief until the final buzzer sounds…


Deacons win!!!


Such a picture perfect football day.

After the game, we had a little get together at our house to break in the porch for the first time.  It was a tad chilly after the sun set, but with the help of blankets, snuggies and the 9 lb heater that is Miss Zoey Grace, we stayed cozy.


I am sorry, but is that not the most adorable snuggle bug you have ever seen?  I think so.

What a fun, fun day.  Good friends, great football, delicious food.  After everyone left, I realized it had been a 15 hour day of fun and I was as tired as that sweet little baby.  I went to go find Buddy to get ready for bed and found someone else who was worn out from a long day!  It’s tough work being a Deacon fan…


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