Sunday, December 19, 2010

Don We Now Our Totally Awesome Tacky Apparel

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la…

(Yes I did sing that out loud to make sure I got the right amount of la’s.)

This was our 3rd year hosting our Tacky Christmas Sweater party and each year our friends keep upping the ante with more creative and tackier costumes. There's something about celebrating with your closest friends all looking goofier than the next that brings out the merry, merry in everyone.

This year’s oh so stylish looks included: a fu man chu….


an Uncle Eddie get up complete with a homemade dickie and Jamie rocking a turtleneck that I think she went back to 1994 to borrow…


guys proudly sporting vests with festive Christmas kittens, homemade sweaters, and blinking bow ties and reindeer antlers…


a candy cane cane….


… homemade sweaters (Anne getting the award for most time invested in creating her look), and of course, our guest of honor, 3 week old Ethan sporting his adorable reindeer outfit.


My friend Jenny even made the trip all the way from Raleigh to rock out in her Christmas duds and be festive with us.


Matt and I had a great time hosting, and were so thankful that so many of our friends were able to coordinate their schedules to have the night off.

Here’s all the ladies sporting their fabulous apparel. Sometimes I worry that in another 20 years we won’t be wearing this outfits ironically.


And huuuuuge special thanks to Jamie who took all these pictures and loaned them to me. Because here’s the only picture that was on my camera the day after the party:


In my defense, the Swedish Fish were pretty important to the success of the party.

Merry Christmas, friends! Hope your season is merry and bright, and hopefully just a tad silly too.

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