Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Animal Style

Our last day in San Diego!  Hard to believe vacation is coming to an end.  I had heard that when in San Diego, one must go to the zoo, so to the zoo we went! 

The only other zoo I have been to is the National Zoo in DC, and I was there specifically to see Butterstick (the baby panda) and he was sleeping.  In a tree.  Out of sight.  I can't even remember if I saw the rest of the zoo, so bitter was my disappointment.  I don't think I did (Matt?  Did I?) because I literally was in shock at some of the animals we saw at San Diego.  It was definitely the first time I’ve seen many of them in real life.  Giraffes, and elephants, and lions, and jaguars (oh my!) and Meer cats and monkeys - I felt like a little kid looking at all these creatures.  They were fascinating!





After nearly 3 miles of walking around the zoo and two attempts to see the polar bears, we took the skyfari back to the front entrance and called it a day.  Our final west coast "must do" was a trip to In-N-Out Burger and we checked that off the list on the way home.


This ended up being the perfect balance of doing stuff and relaxing (thanks to West Coast time allowing for some serious sleeping) and eating and seeing - the kind of vacation where you're not exhausted at the end of it, but happily content and prepared to dive back in to real life.  Even better when you fly back on a Wednesday, and only have to do 2 work days before the weekend shows up!  (Unless of course, you happen to be starting a month of Trauma ICU like my poor hubby who will rack up a mere 128 hours of work over the next 9 days, including 4 24-hour shifts.  Ugh.)  Our flight back home was uneventful, our greeting from the pupdog was exuberant and our own bed, welcoming.  A good end to a great trip.

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Lindsay Collins said...

your pictures turned out GREAT!