Monday, October 18, 2010

Boomtown Rats, I've Got Nothing

Monday gets a bad rap, but it's one of my favorite nights of the week (and not just because there's a new HIMYM which became my new addiction this summer. Self five! Anyone? Ok...) I rarely ever put coaching clients or make other appointments* on Monday, because the first day back to work always is a little shock to the system, so I look forward to an entire evening with nothing to do every Monday.

Tonight was no exception - I used the free night to pre-prep Tuesday's dinner since I have a couple coaching calls in the evening and dinner often gets slighted, took the Budster for a long stroll and caught up on some laundry.

Man, my life is EXCITING. You know, I've kept a "dear diary" type of journal since 3rd grade and the entries don't stray too far from this exhilarating type of real life documentary. I wonder if my brother would have been on such a mission to break into my diaries if he had known the entries sounded something like this:

Dear Diary,
Today I got an A on my spelling bee. I also had to memorize a poem this week so I could get into the play "The Children of Buttercup Commons." Also, Elizabeth asked me to sleepover this weekend. And we won our softball game!!!! I got walked four times!!!!**

Pretty sure he would have moved on to other missions.

Like Dungeons and Dragons.

ANYWAYS...where was I? Oh that's right, I chopped up squash and zucchini and wrapped prosciutto around chicken. I folded scrubs, I swiffered floors, I jogged the Spuddy Buds a good mile.

Oh yea, and then I had a coaching call. Oops. So much for no-evening-work Monday.

Annnnnd then, I forced myself to go to bed because somehow I had talked myself into an early morning gym workout which meant a 4:30 am alarm. Gag. But so worth it to get it out of the way. See? How can Monday have a bad rap with an evening as peaceful and productive as that?

*Except half-price wine night at Mozelle's on Monday. I am always available for this appointment.

**Because I remained under 5 feet tall until I was 15 years old, my strategy throughout most of my Little League years to maintain as small a strike zone as possible. It's quite likely that I only actually hit the ball two or three times in my five year career, but I almost always got on base. If that's not using what the Good Lord gave ya, I don't know what is.

***Post title... anyone get it? anyone?

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