Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Night Football

Matt came home from Greenville today for a little Thursday night football against Clemson! It is just amazing to me how much the atmosphere of Wake Forest football games have changed in the four shorts years since we've graduated. It doesn't seem like that long ago that WFU football season was much more about what dress one would wear to the tailgate (since we usually left after tailgating) rather than what ranking we were or whether ABC or ESPN was going to be showing our games. These days the student section is packed to the brim and the glistening Deacon Tower are just two of the biggest changes in Wake football.... oh yea, and the fact that we actually win. On a regular basis. Not just against teams like Duke and Liberty. It's been tremendously fun being local alums and getting to experience our dear ol' alma mater becoming known as a football school.

This game, however, was not the best example of the new Wake football. We won but it was a teeth clenching game. Let's hope that the Navy game and this near miss are all we need to keep our humble, scrappy climb to the top attitude. GO DEACS!

I also got to see Krissy and her fiancee, Mastin, at the tailgate. I loved seeing her reaction to the tailgate apparel of the undergrads. Just one of the many "welcome to the South" experiences I had 8 years ago, and I love seeing my fellow Yankees reactions to these types of things.

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