Sunday, October 28, 2012

3 Months

Bowen :: Three Months Old

Weight: 14 lbs even, according to my scale. No visit to the ped this month, so no official weigh-in. Still wearing 0-3's or 3 month clothes and they're a little bit too long on him still. He's a bit of a shrimp!

Eats: Still doing 5 oz of formula 6 times a day - one night feeding, and then every 3 hours once he wakes up and gets started for the day.  

Sleeps: Well, the crib transition I started last month did not go so well. After 8 days of trying to go cold turkey on the crib, with no one getting any sleep (including momma) we decided to ease back on it and try a more gradual approach. I went back to the swing full-time and we got on a pretty great little schedule - 8 hours of sleep, one feeding, followed by another 3 hours of sleep at night. Bedtime pretty consistent around 7:30 pm. During the day, he does 2 long morning naps and then 2 questionable afternoon naps. The wheels pretty much fall off around dinnertime though with the fussing - just when Daddy is getting home from work! Last week, I started cutting the speed down on the swing and this week we went to a non-moving swing and it hasn't seemed to affect his sleep at all. Slowly but surely, we're inching towards the crib. He still sleeps swaddled, but I leave one hand out now that he's discovered he loves to put them in his mouth. He goes down awake and can soothe himself to sleep although it sometimes takes 10-15 minutes of "protesting" before he is sound asleep. He's definitely like his momma - the more sleep he gets, the happier he is. (The more sleep he gets, the happier I am.)

Hair: Still blonde, and depending on the light sometime there's a reddish tint to it. Serious bald spot on the back. Poor guy.

Eyes: Still very very blue! He's very alert and this month started tracking things, including me as I walk across a room. For the first time ever, I noticed he'll look right at me when I walk in the room to get him up from a nap and his eyes light up with a huge smile. (Be still a momma's heart.) He also loves to look at himself in the mirror (vain!) or the iPhone and he also loves to stare at his crib mobile. 

Nicknames: Bo, Bowie, Biscuit, Shrimp Biscuit 

Milestones: Hands! This month has been all about the hands. About two weeks ago, the random batting of the toys on his bouncer became intentional and focused. It was amazing to see him master a skill in a matter of 2 days that he hadn't been able to do at all the day before! Now he's starting grabbing for toys - in particular, an elephant with a crinkly noise body is his favorite to squish in his hands. And of course, sticking his hands in his mouth. He's getting more coordinated with that, but the movement is still pretty jerky. He's still not a big fan of tummy time, but he's doing better and better at holding his head up. He LOVES to stand up in our laps and look around and has great neck control with that. And he's just discovered the sound of his voice and loves to hear himself go "ahhh-ooooh." 

Firsts: First toy grab. First night away from Mom + Dad while Grandma babysat. (Two weekends! This was really a first for Mom + Dad.) First wedding (it went...okay. But really, what guy likes going to weddings?) First time meeting the great-grands!

This month has been both really great and really challenging. He's definitely falling into more of a routine than he had before, and there's a level of predictability to when he's going to eat and nap. Not quite a schedule yet but at the very least, once he wakes up for the day I have a general feel for when he will eat and nap. His wake up time still varies, ranging from 6 am to sometimes as late as 8:30...which throws off the eating pattern for the day. He's definitely become more interactive this month - smiles, "talks" and has perfected a coy little flirt face. It's amazing to see the difference in the way his personality has developed over the last month - and it makes me so excited for what's to come.

Happy three month birthday, Bo. We love you so!

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