Monday, June 11, 2012

Wino Weekend: Meeting JB

We've been the best of friends since our senior year in college when we would meet every Wednesday for half-priced wine bottle night at Filling Station (thus earning us our still used moniker, "the winos.")   Since graduating, we've kept a daily email exchange going to stay in touch with each other's day to day life.  (My "wino" email folder has 21,834 emails in it to date.)  But emails are no substitutes for exchanging stories in person, and so we've made it a point to fly all over the country to see each other - for homecoming, for spring breaks, for engagements, bachelorettes, birthdays, weddings, tailgates, housewarmings, wine trips and sometimes for no other reason that that we miss each other.  But now we've progressed to a new reason for get together: meeting each other's babies.


John was born in December to Shelby & Brad, and we've been itching to meet him for the last 6 months - seeing his cute smiley face over instagrams and emails has merely been a tease.  Despite hectic schedules - Jess moving, Jenny wrapping up her school year, me getting closer and closer to a no-travel date - we were able to land ourselves a weekend in June for a much overdue wino weekend.


And it was, as always, perfection.  There are some people who you can literally just spend time with and be perfectly content and happy.  These are my winos.  It wasn't a particularly eventful weekend - we spent some time at the pool, and the girls had planned a surprise baby shower/celebration for both Shelby & I in the afternoon, and we had a few meals together. And of course, we got to meet little John and see Emily's baby, Claire - who is almost not a baby anymore!  It was blissful just to be in the company of my long-time friends and hear their voices catching me up on their lives.


I was a little teary headed back west on I-40 after dropping Pam off at the airport and hugging the rest of the girls good-bye... until I got an email from one of them the following Monday morning that simply said:


"So, when's our next wino weekend?"