Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Stitch In Time

When my mom was cleaning out my grandparent’s house, she came across a huge stash of doilies that were made (crocheted?) by her grandma, or my great-grandma.  She brought them back to her house, and while I was home for my HS reunion, I went digging through the box.  I came across these two, which were sewn on to powder puffs.  I immediately had an idea what to do with them, and asked her if I could have them.


I snipped them free from the powder puffs, and started sewing them to a t-shirt.  It took a little longer than I thought it would, because I wanted to make sure they were secure but the stitches were hidden so I did lots and lots of tiny stitches.  Hello, neck cramp.


I was pleased with the end results.  It’s just a little detail on the shirt, but I love it.  I love imagining my great-grandma working on these, and never thinking that one day they’d up in her great-grandchild’s hand. 


(Excuse the cheesy self-portraits.  It’s impossible to do these without feeling totally awkward.)

Then, since I was on a sewing roll, I tackled another project.  Awhile back, I had chopped up t-shirts that Matt and I had worn for a softball team, and turned it into this shirt.  I never liked the way it still looked like a t-shirt though, and rarely wore it. 

Chop, chop, stitch, stitch.  Voila, sleeveless shirt.  I had a little trouble with the seams on the arms but it turned out okay.  I like it much better than way.


Self-timer pics leave plenty of room for creative expression.



I’d say I need to get a hobby, but clearly I’ve got that part of life covered.


Lindsay Collins said...

I love the self-timer pics... and that dog, he is LOVIN his mama acting goofy.

Also - where did you get that bedding? It's divine!

Meg said...

I actually got it off Ebay about a year ago. I love it too - I kept trying to find a pale green paisley print at Pottery Barn etc and finally found one on good ol' Ebay!