Friday, May 28, 2010

So I'd Like To Know If... You've Got the Notion

The crafty kicks goes on.  Somehow I've managed to find girlfriends in this city who are determined to be a domestic diva as I am.  After our craft night a few months ago, we decided we wanted to recruit someone to give us a few sewing 101 lessons.  I was fortunate enough to talk my wonderful friend and talented seamstress Dale into taking on the task of adopting 8 beginning seamstresses. 

And when I say beginner, I mean be-gin-ner.  Thankfully, Dale was willing to start at the very "how to wind a bobbin" beginning and was ever bit as patient as she could be.  She brought us some cut out kits of tote bags that are put together for a charity called Newborns in Need.  It was a little daunting to look at the end product and think we could create that, but with her guidance and direction we all completed the bags in two nights and are feeling inspired to create more...

Dale showed us other ideas and kept reminding us that just like anything we did, repetition was the key to mastering the skills that seemed out of our league right now and that mistakes were okay - they're just part of the learning process. 

And introduced us to my very favorite tool: the seam ripper.  Handy for when you do something like, I dunno, sew the pockets on your tote bag shut?  Just sayin'. 

I have a feeling I could become a very dangerous person in a fabric shop.  Ideas, ideas, ideas....

Dale walking Crystal through the basics - in our "sweatshop", my lovely garage! 

Kim and Anne were the superstars - both finished their bags in about 2 hours.   On a sewing machine made in 1952, no less.  Just goes to show you don't need fancy equipment to do the basics!  Here they are showing off their cute Nemo bags, soon to be filled with baby neccessities for preemie newborns! 

Oh, and the ice cream truck driving down our street to give us a little reprieve - from both the heat of my makeshift "sweatshop" in the garage and the stress of getting handles and linings JUST right - was a nice touch! 

I'm proud of our new found talents.  I'm sure we'll be taking custom orders in a few weeks... as long as whatever you want only involves straight lines, of course.


Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

I've been sewing for many years - Grandma taught me. And I STILL only sew straight lines. But you can make a lot of awesome stuff with straight lines!!! Love the bags.I'd like to put in my order for one with chickens on it, please. Thnx!

Page said...

I am a little jealous of your sewing lesson! I inherited a machine from my mother-in-law and have touched it a few times, but I'm still a little scared of it.